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Fit Test Australia | RESP-FIT Accredited Fit Testers

Mask Fit Testing

Many workers across Australia are required to wear Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) to protect them against hazardous substances such as gases, fumes, asbestos, silica dust, and chemicals. As such, relying on a properly fitted respirator is one of the last attempts to protect workers against such airborne contamination and should be taken more seriously.

Established in 2019, Fit Test Australia is a trusted service provider and exists to deliver expert mask fit testing Melbourne and greater Victoria. Specialising in quantitative fit testing as this method is objective. Our goal is to ensure you with peace of mind that you and your teams RPE is properly fitted receiving the masks full intended level of protection.

Who Should Undergo A Mask Fit Test?

All Australian employees who use tight-fitting RPE must undergo a mask fit test as outlined in the AS/NZS 1715 S2(2.6) standard, this requirement is just one part of a comprehensive respiratory protection program (RPP).

Fit Test Australia serves various industries, including construction, where hazards such as silica are prevalent, as well as mining, utilities, agriculture, and healthcare. FTA also collaborates closely with many Universities, Tafes, and other RTOs to provide fit testing for student clinical placements.


FTA are industry leaders; our highly trained staff offer unmatched experience. Our expertise and efficiency equate to minimal disruption decreasing your staff's time away from their work duties because we understand that time is money.


Book your mask fit test Melbourne and mask fit testing Victoria with us.


Book An Office Fit Test

Fit Test Australia Melbourne Victoria

Fit Test Australia provides convenient mobile mask fit test in Melbourne and greater Victoria, alternatively you can book into our Toorak office, 15 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD.

Fit Testing Melbourne Available At The Following Location:



Level 1/ 459 Toorak Rd, Toorak.

What To Expect and Prepare For During Your Mask Fit Test?

Mask fit testing Melbourne Victoria office appointments will typically only take 10-15 minutes, assuming you pass the test. A failed test can take a little longer as we determine the cause of the fail and test other mask options.


We ask that you do not eat, smoke, or vape in the 30 minutes leading up to your test. Any of these actions can change the result of the particulate test and result in a false fail. You must also be clean shaven for the test, no stubble, beards, or other facial hair that comes between the mask and where it makes contact to the skin. This aligns with the standards set. Non-compliant individuals will not be tested.


Finally, individuals must also bring their appropriate PPE so we can ensure it is compatible with your respiratory device during the test. 


Advantages of Respirator Fit Testing

On paper, a mask fit test ticks the boxes for compliance with Australian New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1715:2009. While it’s great to fill those safety requirements, the advantages of respirator fit testing go well beyond regulatory paperwork. 

A correctly fitted mask in good working condition will keep a worker safe from hazardous airborne contamination. With repeat use, some workers may not notice when a mask loses its integrity over time by being exposed to the elements, poorly maintained and/or stored, straps losing their tension over time, as a result, these factors may contribute to an imperfect seal. 

By completing a quantitative fit test, workers can have the peace of mind that their
respirator is sufficiently cleaning the air they breathe. Additionally, by passing a test each year, they can be sure the mask isn’t degrading over time.

Fit Testing Victoria 

Fit Test Australia is part of the HealthShare Victoria (HSV) Tender since 2020 which has been extended right through to December 2023.

This opportunity allowed FTA to become an affiliated essential worker providing valuable Train-the-Trainer for healthcare workers within Hospitals to help roll out their fit testing internally during the pandemic whilst also aiding with the service to ensure we could mask fit test as many patient facing essential workers as possible.


Healthcare workers could confidently wear their N95s and know they were adequately protected from the deadly Corona virus.

Fit testing Victoria from Bendigo to Albury, FTA could not be prouder to share our knowledge, expertise, and passion for respiratory protection as we moved throughout the beautiful state.

FTA worked with Ambulance Victoria (AV) providing Train-the-Trainer. AV now have 6 in house testers.

FTA also provided Train-the-Trainer to The Royal Flying Doctors Melbourne so that they too could continue to internally fit test their valuable team members.

A highlight was mask fit testing Air Ambulance Victoria which proved difficult when they could be called out at any given moment (captured below).


Taking nothing for granted, we endeavour to continue spreading our love for respiratory protection to all workers across all industries.

Just like all states, fit testing Victoria is what we do best.

Book your mask fit test Melbourne and mask fit testing Victoria with us.



Is Fit Testing compulsory for every worker who wears a respirator?

If respiratory protection equipment (RPE) with a tight-fitting face piece is part of your
standard PPE, then yes, fit testing is a requirement for any Australian workers as part of the
AS/NZS 1715:2009 S2 (2.6) standard.

A fit test is required upon the initial issuing of RPE and annually thereafter, in some
instances even sooner if there have been major facial changes due to significant weight
loss/gain, surgeries, trauma, or dental work, to ensure the same pass result can be achieved.

In line with OHS regulations, the PCBU and employers are obligated to do everything reasonably practicable to keep their workers safe from known risks or health hazards. Fit testing is considered reasonably practicable. Being non-compliant may lead to serious consequences be it a combination of both worker health and legal implications.

How does a PortaCount work?

At Fit Test Australia, we use the latest TSI PortaCount 8048 device. This instrument can test
all types of respiratory protective equipment. It measures the particulates in the air around
you, then measures the concentration of those particles inside the respirator. The ratio of

particles in the ambient air against the particles inside the mask is known as the fit factor
(FF) and will determine how well the mask fits your face.


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