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Updated: Feb 17

Why Should You Opt For Resp-Fit Accredited Respirator Mask Fit Testers?

Fit testing has evolved dramatically over the past 5-10 years.

Over the last few years, fit testing awareness has grown exponentially. Demolition workers working with asbestos were some of the few businesses who engaged in a fit test prior to the increased awareness around the importance of respiratory protection and workers health and safety.

From its humble beginnings, mask fit testing is now becoming common practice across many industries.

Industries include but not limited to:

  • Construction

  • Tunnelling

  • Mining

  • Utilities

  • Agricultural

  • Healthcare

With the increase of awareness, the requirement for mask fit testing is starting to be enforced and is even legislated in some states. Safe Work Australia are conducting more regular checks to ensure compliance is being met around the issue and fit testing of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) with fines being served.

With the increase of service providers, many have had little to no formal training in respirator fit testing and lack a full comprehension of the service they are providing.

It is all too common we witness untrained operators using the wrong protocols, use incorrect filters, display minimal understanding of their equipment and unable to identify likely causes for a fit test failure. One observed operator openly admitting “I don’t know what I am doing” as they were conducting fit testing for workers on a large tunnelling project.

Feedback from clients who have engaged in other service providers report higher than normal fail rates, this is a common tell tale sign the tester is not as competent as they appear and may not be able to troubleshoot small errors to produce a pass result.

Unfortunately, when an operator has been poorly trained, their time spent conducting the service becomes irrelevant as it does not equate to credibility nor competency, minor errors may be carried throughout the course of their service undiagnosed costing clients.


  • Perfectly good RPE failing resulting in the potential purchase of new RPE to achieve a pass result

  • Time wasted conducitng additional tests

  • Labour time when additional testing is required

A non competent fit test operator will produce invalid results, the inability to test properly casts doubt on the effectiveness of the RPE which can ultimately jeopardize worker health and safety which is the complete opposite of what fit testing is all about.


Fit Test Australia | AIOH Members

The Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH) pioneer workplace health and safety, they formed RESP-FIT, this branch from the AIOH is an initiative to raise the standard of what it is to be deemed a competent fit test service provider as either an individual or an organisation. Accredited mask fit testing is a step in the right direction. RESP-FIT also provides a recommended training syllabus for fit test training providers.

Fit Test Australia | RESP-FIT sponsors

FTA recommend only using RESP-FIT accredited providers.

Fit Test Australia are a proud sponsor of RESP-FIT.


Fit Test Australia Pty Ltd have been a long standing and trusted service provider aligning ourselves with industry best practice being RESP-FIT accredited for mask fit testing. We are one of the first companies in NSW and Victoria to specialises solely in fit testing, our expertise is second to none.

Our sole purpose is to aid businesses of all sizes in meeting regulatory requirements around their responsibility to provide appropriate Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) and have it fit tested.

At Fit Test Australia Pty Ltd, we conduct thousands of fit tests annually nationwide.

Our strengths are -

  • All our machines are annually calibrated to make sure they run at peak performance.

  • Equipment daily checks are never skipped to ensure results are reliable and accurate.

  • You receive your reports the same day as testing was complete as we know it can be time sensitive.

  • Data is saved on a Cloud and electronically.

  • We carry a supply of back up mask options saving you an additional call out.

  • We operate 7 days a week, working weekends including night shifts as we understand not all businesses operate to the same working hours.

  • All fit test technicians have received formal training from a RESP-FIT accredited trainer.

  • Staff receive ongoing training keeping them up to date with software changes and industry best practice.

  • We continually strive for excellence.

If you have any questions, you can email our team, we look forward to hearing from you!

Your health and safety is our priority

Call: 0403 064 064

FTA fit test Melbourne Victoria and Sydney NSW 

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